I’m Back. Let’s Get to Work!

The hurricane is gone, and I have my power back. Let’s get back to work!

It’s a soft market right now. So don’t expect the market to stay up just because it opens up.

The old expression “buy the dip” works great in a bear market, but the opposite is not true in a bear market. You have to avoid the big up days. In fact, you want to “short the rallies.”

Another thing to consider: set yourself up to either way the stock moves. Because of this volatility, that’s one of the best setups you can have right now.

If you want to see how I’m doing that, watch this.


Soft Market Monday

The markets are starting very soft today. Even if we have a bullish rally, there will be nothing to sustain it right now. We have

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No Pressure? No Problem!

This morning, the futures are barely up, which means the market is going to be down. It’s very soft! There just isn’t much buying pressure

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More Pain and No Gain?

Looking for a strategy that works in a bullish or bearish market? Click here to learn more about Jack’s Trojan Horse Trade Alerts

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