Jack’s Strategy Watchlist — August 9

Stephen | August 9, 2022

Good morning friends! The market is stuck in the mud right now. We have a slightly bearish trend, with a long-term trendpoint over its head acting as a ceiling. Here’s my video for the day: This is a great time to use a premium-driven strategy like Project 52. Time decay can feast on these stocks, […]

Market Preview for the Week of August 8, 2022

Stephen | August 8, 2022

Good morning folks! The market is going to open lower today and be really choppy. Tesla may be up, but NVDA is going to take a big hit. Expect a lot of volatility, but your boy Jack’s going to help you get through it. Check out the video: Right now, you want to be focused […]

Market Preview for August 1, 2022

Stephen | August 1, 2022

Hello from Colorado! The market is looking a little soft this morning after an incredibly strong month of July. There are some key earnings reports to watch this week, so I took a break by the lake to give you my latest thoughts: Also, I wanted to be sure you had a chance to catch […]

A Great Strategy that Netted 16.4% on AAPL Since the End of October

jackctrading | November 11, 2020

Global markets have let out a sigh of relief: There was a clear winner after a free and fair election. Now all of the funny business is over, but cooler heads are prevailing. A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to do something to help my readers brace for potential volatility. With the election coming […]

The Greed You Don’t Recover From

jackctrading | November 11, 2020

This week has been something else… “Election day” has spread out across four days and counting. As of Thursday night, there were at least four states that were still “too close to call”. With all the uncertainty and hysteria, you would think the markets would be spooked. Nope. Not even a little bit… The S&P […]

What my nine-year-old grandson taught me about investing

jackctrading | November 11, 2020

What my nine-year-old grandson taught me about investing My grandson Jack is only nine years old. We call him ‘little Jack’. He’s a baseball player and has quite the personality for a guy his age. He’s also better at picking stocks than a lot of the people I knew on Wall Street… Let me be […]

Top Options Trading Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

jackctrading | October 28, 2020

No joke – during my first week as a stockbroker, I saw an older middle-aged broker pass out in the office.  They hauled him out on a stretcher. (read the full story here) I later found out from the boss that the guy lost all his money in options. There are more mistakes you can make […]

This One Trick Can Help You Make More Profit On Every Trade

jackctrading | October 28, 2020

Dear trading friend, After 20 years of helping people like you get better results trading, I want to give you an easy way to make more money on every trade. Here’s how… If you pick a stock or an option to trade… or if you subscribe to any stock or options trade alert service… getting the […]

7 Things Every Investor Should Know About Options… Before They Ever Make An Options Trade!

jackctrading | October 28, 2020

7 Things Every Investor Should       Know About Options… Before    They Ever Make An Options Trade 7 Things Every Investor Should       Know About Options… Before    They Ever Make An Options Trade When a person first learns about the stock market, they tend to become excited by the possibilities… and may start building a stock […]

Tune Out the Election Noise: History Shows Stocks Will Climb Regardless

jackctrading | October 28, 2020

Tune Out the Election Noise: History Shows Stocks Will Climb Regardless I don’t spend much time poring over financial news. Almost none of it makes a difference with the trading strategies I follow and the recommendations I make for my readers. But I’ll be honest: The front-page headline in The Wall Street Journal from last […]